We have no restrictions on file type, so you can upload any type. What we do not allow are files that violate our terms of use.


Uploading via a browser is TCP-based, which can be slower than you want it to be. It uses only a fraction of your speed and is affected by network load and other users sharing the connection with you. If you want faster transfer speeds, we recommend using our UDP-based desktop solution. It's lightning fast.

Your files are transferred securely to our server thanks to end-to-end encryption via HTTPS, TLS1.2 and SHA256.

We do not limit transfer rates. We have servers distributed around the world, and we transfer your files to the server closest to your location.

We can all files uploaded to Filescode for viruses and malware. The file you upload is the one that is downloaded.

We have been helping people upload and share since 2008. We are not a side project and do not run on donations. We are not in beta.

Drag and drop files into the upload program or use the upload box to select the file. After the file upload is complete, you will get a unique URL that can be shared with others.

Your files will be available forever.

Our service allows you to upload files of any kind as long as it is legal.

There is no limit placed on the number of files that can be uploaded. Your file uploads can be accessed continuously and downloaded without any bandwidth limitation.

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